This page provides useful resources for walkers, bikers, hikers and runners in Philipstown.


In the Fall of 2022, The Phillipstown Trails Committee launched the 9D Pedestrian Safety Survey to collect data from local families. This survey was shared with parents of children that attend schools and daycares connected to 9D. There are at least seven schools and education centers connected to the 9D corridor including Manitou School, Garrison Union Free School District, Haldane School District, daycares and nursery schools. The survey was closed in January of 2023 however, the Philipstown Trails Committee plans on conducting further community outreach to fully understand the demand for walkability and bikeability. See the survey results here.

Past Studies on Pedestrian Safety

Route 9D Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan (2006)


Avenza Maps has three maps, which can be downloaded free of charge to your cell phone, showing trails in Philipstown, NY:

Hudson Highlands State Park Trail Map North

Hudson Highlands State Park Trail Map South

Clarence Fahnestock State Park Trail Map

Parks & Trails New York provides a guide to more than 100 multi-use trails in New York State here, including the Empire State Trail that passes nearby to Philipstown, NY.