The Philipstown Trails Committee (PTC) is a Philipstown Town Advisory Committee. It is empowered by the Town of Philipstown Board to advise the Town of Philipstown on how to improve the ability for local residents to safely get around the town without recourse to motorized transit.

Members of the PTC are residents and authorized volunteers of the Town of Philipstown. Details of upcoming meetings, meeting minutes, press releases, and committee members are available on the Information page.

What are the guiding principles of the PTC?

The PTC’s guiding principles (presently under revision) are as follows:

  • Practicality: We’ll consider the benefits and challenges of developing the Philipstown Trail along all existing options, including the Route 9D and 9 corridors, alongside the Metro-North Railway, a new trail using existing carriage and walking trails, or a combination of these alternatives.
  • Community focus: We intend the Philipstown Trail to be safe and accessible for local residents of all ages and abilities. To this end, we’ll develop a trail design that is suitable for local biking and walking, encourages safe use and social interaction, and is environmentally sound and cost effective to build and maintain.
  • Collaboration: We’ll collaborate with all key stakeholders — including local community members, institutions, and local and state government officials — to develop the Philipstown Trail that gains enough community support to become a reality.

What has the PTC done so far?

Since it was founded the PTC’s main focus has been to investigate community support for, and the feasibility of, connecting the Village of Cold Spring and Hamlet of Garrison, as well as key neighborhood attractions and amenities in between, with a multi-use trail for walkers, bikers, hikers, and runners.

Read more about the proposed trail on the Philipstown Trail page.

What other activities is the PTC pursuing?

The PTC holds an annual Philipstown Bikes Day event in partnership with local municipalities and is working with the Philipstown Climate Smart Task Force to help the Town adopt Complete Streets policy.

The PTC is also looking at how best to improve access to and connectivity between the hiking trails in the Hudson Highlands (see the trail maps on the Resources page). This includes compiling an inventory of bike racks.