The Philipstown Trails Committee (PTC) is a Philipstown Town Advisory Committee. It is empowered by the Town of Philipstown Board to advise the Town of Philipstown on how to improve the ability for local residents to safely get around the town without recourse to motorized transit.

Members of the PTC are residents and authorized volunteers of the Town of Philipstown. Details of upcoming meetings, meeting minutes, press releases, and committee members are available on the Information page.

What are the guiding principles of the PTC?

Neighborhood Connection & Collaboration
We elicit participation and feedback from the whole community and work together with residents, local governments, and non-profit partners.

Equitable & Complete Streets
We aim to increase walking and biking connectivity, and enhance mobility for people of all ages and abilities, thereby providing safe, easy, and healthy ways to get residents to the places they need to go. 

Environmental Responsibility
We are respectful & considerate of our natural environment.

Building Upon Assets
We leverage existing amenities and infrastructure to realize our objectives.

What has the PTC done so far?

Since it was founded the PTC’s main focus has been to investigate community support for, and the feasibility of a potential path connecting Cold Spring and Garrison, and important neighborhood amenities in between.

Read more about the proposed path on the Philipstown Path page.

In January 2023 the Phillipstown Trails Committee completed the 9D Pedestrian Safety Survey. This survey was shared with parents of children that attend schools and daycares connected to 9D. There are at least seven schools and education centers connected to the 9D corridor including Manitou School, Garrison Union Free School District, Haldane School District, daycares and nursery schools. The Philipstown Trails Committee plans on conducting further community outreach to fully understand the demand for walkability and bikeability. See the survey results here.

What other activities is the PTC pursuing?

The PTC regularly holds Philipstown Bikes Day events in partnership with local municipalities and is working with the Philipstown Climate Smart Task Force to help the Town adopt Complete Streets policy.

The PTC is also looking at how best to improve access to and connectivity between the hiking trails in the Hudson Highlands (see the trail maps on the Resources page). This includes compiling an inventory of bike racks.